What We Do

Why Trilyon? Our Successful 3-Point Staffing Solution

The conventional approach to staffing is no longer enough. Trilyon offers a three-point process that shifts the focus from staffing to real business results:

  1. Who needs what?
  2. When do they need it?
  3. How do they get it?

Our finely-tuned delivery model responds quickly to high-volume requirements without compromising on quality. Onsite/offshore and two-shift modeling accelerate our ability to prime your workforce.

Our candidate resource pipeline is based on predictive analysis, minimizing time spent sourcing and screening. We quickly identify optimal candidates by matching their characteristics with those of ideal candidates already in the pipeline.

The result is a cost-effective staffing experience for your organization.

Trilyon’s recruiters and account managers understand client requirements and work closely with client managers to make the delivery experience successful.

Benefits to working with Trilyon include:

  • We offer candidates with comprehensive technical expertise — from the cloud to storage
  • We provide talent with experience in your industry or technology sphere
  • Target candidates fit your team dynamics and culture
  • We draw from a deep candidate pool built from years of industry networking
  • Streamlined operations keep our costs down, passing savings on to you
  • We have a critical-path response to your needs
  • We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley