Jumpstart Services

Jumpstart Services

Whether you’re looking for a complete HR solution or a single executive, Trilyon finds the talent you need.

All-inclusive, outsourced recruiting for your small to mid-size business. Acting as a virtual recruiting department, we get to know your business inside and out. Our consultants assess your needs and use the information to identify qualified candidates that are aligned with your culture and goals.

Trying to keep your head above water while working hard to secure funding or finally turn a profit?

Are you just wearing too many hats and want to focus on your core product or service? Trilyon is here to help you.

Most growing companies focus on human resource compliance and little else. Of course, you want to make sure everything you do is legal. .

But what if you lack the time or budget to do everything—leadership development, training, robust onboarding and defining corporate culture. Chances are doing all of the above is just too complicated if you lack dedicated HR resources.

Enter Trilyon. Acting as your virtual recruiting department, we make it all happen.

We believe a small business can do anything a big business can do. We help you grow without straining your resources or budget.